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iZaap Technologies is one of the international software company based in Chennai. We simply hired well qualified and talented young people in our Concern. We can provide full- fledged service to the clients with full of security and satisfy their requirements. The company was started at the beginning of 2009 as head office of Chennai by a group of passionate IT experts who needed to overcome the regular and form a company that would take action in the market not only for success, but for the revolution of Technology itself. Over three years of process, we have enlarged a variety of result and gained an experience in the services. In Our Concern nearly 150 employees are working with full of efficient and dedicated persons.

We Provide: Web Development, Web application, Content Management System, E-commerce Solutions, Portal application, Mobile website, SOA, Banner advertising and Mobile application Development. Our Experts has been providing software development services for multiple clients from the USA, Canada and other countries, starting from small company projects and continuing with very large company projects. Over three years, we have completed a lot of projects done in different Platforms.

Key On work Industries

  • Application Development
  • E-commerce
  • Mobile web application
  • Android application Development
  • iPhone and iPad applications
  • Blackberry application

Our company has gained extensive expertise in Microsoft technologies:

  • Microsoft .NET.
  • ASP.NET (Web Forms, Web Controls)
  • Windows Forms, Windows Controls
  • Enterprise Services (COM+, MSMQ)
  • XML Web Services
  • Remoting
  • Mobile Toolkit
  • C#, J#, VB.NET
  • MS SQL

We provide a complete report for clients after finishing projects. It will help the client know the project details easy and clear for the client. Every project has its Five stages, which are:

  • Inception
  • Requirements
  • Software Solution Development
  • Product Integration
  • Quality Assurance

This is when the initial requirements collection takes place - our business consulting and software architects will suspiciously study your necessities to get ready a complete proposal. You don't have to offer us with prepared credentials. Just let us be acquainted with your opinion and prospect, and our specialist will effort on significant all the information by asking you some questions and presenting our ideas on your project.

Requirements Management
At this stage we will evidently describe your necessities in project credentials. Our Specialists will plan a proposal recitation the product's performance, technologies, features, verification requirements, etc. as well as the opinion of workload and expenditure of the project. The requirements management agrees to for the activities for acquiring and controlling requirement modification and make sure that other related plans and data are kept current Requirements management maintain all through the plan, conclude in the comparison of the result against the requirements.

Software Solution Development
The software solution development is one of the stage of the project where most of the Programming, coding and testing captures place.

Product Integration
At the Product Integration, we identify the best probable integration progression, integrate product working and deliver the product to the customer.

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance is a necessary part of any project, which makes sure the top excellence of our Solutions. This is a difficult process, which takes place at all other steps of the project and contains the following activities:

  • Strong project administration
  • Clear project flow
  • Well-defined necessities and structured project credentials
  • Deep testing, bug-tracking and fixing
  • Process observe, product valuation in regard to the particular requirements and client
  • Expectations
  • Usability study
  • Confidentiality and logical assets Protection

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Delivering the best solution for our clients requirements guarantees their success as well as ours. We aim to deliver successful CRM solutions, with strong return on investment due to helping to re-engineer your business and fully engage your staff.

We aspire to deliver systems which prove their value on a daily basis and on the bottom line. Our results speak for themselves.

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