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At iZaap Technologies, we offer our customers the option to deploy our software on their place or have us host their solution. Whatever is most appropriate, the option is yours, at any point. Whether our solution is deployed on your site or in our carrier position hosting surroundings iZaap Technologies is dedicated to make sure our clients take delivery of the most business benefits with our worker's performance and talent organization solutions.

Our on-demand hosting service choice gives you all the benefits of using our software with know the IT requirements usually associated with bring in and supporting software in your association. We give all our hosted clients with world-class, on-demand service, exemplify by:

  • Application and infrastructure architecture
  • 99.9%+ uptime
  • Fastest average transaction speed
  • Software purpose-built for on-demand performance and reliability
  • Hardware, software and networking technologies sourced from the world's leading infrastructure vendors
  • Excess computing capacity on all tiers to accommodate growth and seasonal spikes in demand

For our on-demand function hosting, iZaap Technologies is a leading Software provider of outsourced data inside communications for association with mission serious IT operations. As a result, our carrier-grade hosted explanation gives our customers:

A hassle-free, fast setup: we do the work for you.

Reliability and data security: our delivery service grade, worry free hosting ability ensures maximum safety and up-time for your request and data.

A cost efficient hosted solution at a part of the cost of maintaining and check it on your own.

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