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Our History


A History of Performance
At iZaap Technologies, we have a lengthy history of rising cost-effective presentation management tools that promise the reliability and flat operation of Windows servers.

Our Genesis
The innovative Performance employees are gathered in the starting of 2009, our Company Employees has come from much major business around the world start relying heavily on large-scale Windows deployments to run work decisive applications.

In 2009, iZaap Technologies Pvt Ltd., was founded by Mr. Mubarak Basha an independent corporation owned and worked by the team of Young developers who first built the Company

Continued Growth
Over three years, the company did a lot of projects with timing delivery. During the next upcoming years, our team of developers continued to enhance the Performance of much new technology and done many projects at the same time we will get more clients from many countries in the world.

iZaap Technologies assists you to gain a competitive edge by continuously improving your web based...
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iZaap Technologies works on numerous web and software development platforms using a range...,
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There is an idea…virtual. Put the idea to work…virtual reality.
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Customize the response with end-to-end services to add value to Business.


Delivering the best solution for our clients requirements guarantees their success as well as ours. We aim to deliver successful CRM solutions, with strong return on investment due to helping to re-engineer your business and fully engage your staff.

We aspire to deliver systems which prove their value on a daily basis and on the bottom line. Our results speak for themselves.

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